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Chitic Manufacturing Execution System

As a professional automation product provider, Chitic has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the water industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, building materials industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries, and has a broad customer base. In order to continuously serve customers, the company will further explore the needs of times development, launch production management information products, serve the information management needs of production enterprises and water industry, and meet the MES application needs of manufacturing enterprises.

Production Manage System.jpg

In the "made in China 2025" plan, the standardization and high efficiency of the manufacturing process is an important goal to achieve the upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. To realize 2025 plan, it is necessary to eliminate information island by means of information, complete information symmetry, improve the management level of production process and improve management efficiency by means of information management tools.

The Network Architecture

Chitic MES network architecture .png

The Cloud Platform

Chitic MES cloud platform.png


Chitic distributed control system PCS1800
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