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Chemical Safety Solutions


Most chemical production processes are characterized by high temperature, high pressure, inflammable, explosive, toxic and harmful. Some chemical reaction processes are complex and the reaction process is accompanied by huge energy conversion. Once abnormal and improper control occurs, serious damage will be caused to people and property.

In 2008, the office of the safety committee of the state council in China issued relevant documents, requiring further investment to improve the automatic control of chemical production technology. Chemical production control system (DCS) adopts advanced computer technology, communication technology, I/O processing technology and multiple redundancy technology to realize the automation of chemical production process and effectively ensure the safety and control of production process.

On this basis, the application of safety technology provides further technical guarantee for safety production. The chemical production safety system (SIS) can timely respond and protect the hazards that may occur in the chemical production plant, so that the production plant can finally enter the predetermined safe shutdown state, thus reducing the risk to the minimum.

Chitic Chemical Safety Solutions

15+3 化工工艺副本.png

Calcium carbide process

New coal chemical process

Nitrification process

Fluoride process

Diazotization process

Chloride process 

Phosgene and photogasification processes

Aggregation process

Oxidation process

Sulfonated technology

Peroxidation process

Amination process

Azo process

Hydrogen process

Electrolysis process (chlor-alkali)

Alkylation process

Cracking Process

Synthetic ammonia 

Chitic Chemical Solution Advantages

Rich Industry Experiences

More than 10 years of DCS product technology precipitation, stable and reliable extensive one of the major project implementation experience professional certification TUV engineer technical team.

Optimized Control Algorithm

Sound alarm mechanism, humanized implementation of the interface of a number of security interlocking control, production of worry for users to customize the special control algorithm.

Innovative Design and Engineering

According to customer needs to provide personalized solutions, targeted strong modular design, easy to use optimization system design, cost-effective.

Efficient and warm service

To provide a comprehensive solution for chemical production safety demand survey, program design, project implementation, after-sales service operation safety evaluation and 24-hour service response.


Chitic Customers in Chemical Industries.


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