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Chitic Programmable Logic Controller PCS1200

All-in-One Compact PLC

 Chitic’s programmable logic controller PCS1200 is packed with analog and digital I/O in a compact package. Its powerful processor provides fast I/O handling and logic control. It is a market-proved advanced product and widely used in various industrial process automation and machinery in water treatment, petrochemical, power station, heating,

Overview of programmable logic controller - Dusun

metallurgy, etc. PCS1200 station, heating, metallurgy, etc. PCS1200 is able to increase the reliability,  system stability and performance,  minimizing the need for human operators and the chances of human error.

Programmable Logic Controller Features



 A single command can be executed in 0.1us, can deal with complicated logic and  complex process control loops.

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High Flexibilities

A single CPU module can be combined with up to 10 extension modules, and along with both RS232 and RS485 interface.

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Support Multiple Standard Interfaces 

Able to communicate with various kinds of devices with protocols like Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, GPRS, etc.

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Cover both Digital and Analog I/O Acquisition

 It can process embedded PID loops and control logics.

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Easy to Assembly and Replace

 Awesome industrial design, removable terminal blocks, can be assembled and replaced easily   with DIN rail.

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Detail View of Chitic PLC

Detial of programmable logic controller - Chitic

Support  CODESYS Software

Chitic PCS1200 industry control software is the Windows-based integrated development environment (IDE) for PCS1200. It provides you with highest efficient in engineering.

Configuration Software

With powerful functions, the engineering software can easily perform customers’ automation tasks such as hardware configuration, programming and system diagnosis. The programming languages are LD, FBD, IL, ST, SFC and CFC, which are compliant with IEC61131-3 standard.

CODESYS Software Advantages

  • Standardization

  • Open, reconfigurable and modularized architecture platform

  • Strong transferability and powerful network communication capability

  • Powerful motion control and CNC function

  • Convenient to support third-party development tools and application software

  • Supporting customized development of safety control and safety controller in accordance with SIL3 international standard

  • CODESYS application composer is designed as an application programming oriented software

  • Excellent encryption features

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