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Industrial Automation

PCS1800 Distributed Control System

Chitic PCS1800 is applied for industrial automation to achieve the reliability, system stability and performance, reducing your costs and increasing throughput.

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Architecture of DCS

Control Station

Engineer / Operator Station

PCS1800 Software

Open Interface





PCS1800, Chitic distributed control system(DCS),  is an automated control and central monitoring system with excellent performance, compact size, and easy assembling structure and powerful industry control software. It enables the automatic operation of industrial processes and machinery, increasing the productivity, reduce costs, and guarantee the workers safe. 

Chitic, as a subsidiary company of CHINT Corporation,  is a China top 3 distributed control system manufacturer, has been dedicated on the research and development of DCS since 1984. Chitic has achieved CE and CMMI Maturity Level 5 international certifications in 2019.

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Architecture of DCS

Architecture of Chitic Distributed Contr
Architecture of DCS

System Components

PCS1800 consists of control station, operator/engineer station and communication network.

Control Station, for data acquisition, computing and control; consisting of local I/O station and remote I/O station if necessary.

Operator Station, for system configuration, device maintenance and management, control strategy editing and downloading.

Communication Network, consists of two levels: redundant system network(SNet) and redundant control network(CNet). Communication between operator/engineer station and control units is over SNet and communication between I/O modules and control units is over CNet. SNet is compliant with the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard. The network can be connected to upper level one such as ERP or MIS via management network (MNet).

System Capacities

  • PCS1800 supports up to 32 control stations, 64 operation stations.

  • Each control station supports 32 I/O modules, 256 AI/ AO, or 512 DI/ DO.

  • The system capacity:

       AI: 8192, or AO: 8192, or DIO: 16384.

System Scale

       FCS count


 OPS count


Single FCS capacity

       I/O count


   FCS I/O capacity

   FCS I/O capacity

  Total I/O count


  Total I/O count


     Single OPS capacity

        Total tag count


System Components
System Capacities

View of Operator/Engineer Station


View of Station.png

Operator Station

  • Data display

  • Operating log

  • Data alarm

  • Alarm acknowledge

  • Data report

  • History data recording

Engineer Station

  • Device configuration

  • System diagnosis

  • Control strategy programming

  • Monitoring graphics building

System Software


ChiticMaker is a tool making monitoring graphs. The programming languages conform to IEC61131-3 standard.

Program Editor.png

Program Editor

Graphics Editor.png

Graphics Editor


ChiticView is a tool for various graph display, like process display, trend analysis, alarm display, etc.

Trend Analysis.png
Process Display.png
Alarm display.png

Process Display

Trend Analysis

Alarm Display

View of Operator/Engineer Station
System Software


Easy to AssemblyMiniaturized, modularity and rack structure, providing convenient and flexible installation




Chitic Distributed control system easy to assembly


For Medium control box

For large control Cabinet

Easy For Replacement and StorageAll-in-one integrated modular design, very convenient for replacement and storage.

Distributed control system Easy For Replacement and storage

Enable to Extension - Flexible industrial design structure, easy to expand.

DCS Enable to Extension - Chitic

Local Rack

Extension Rack

Local Control Station

I/O Station For a Distance

Multimode fiber



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