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PV Solar Monitoring Solutions


The local monitoring system of photovoltaic power station is designed and developed for the monitoring requirements of photovoltaic power station. Combined with the secondary power monitoring, it covers the real-time power generation equipment of photovoltaic power station

Data monitoring, equipment control, parameter adjustment, and data uploading function can provide remote management of power station for customers.

PV Power Station Monitoring System Architecture

Chitic PV power station monitoring syste

Monitoring Host

Operator station

Engineering station



Network exchange A

Network exchange B



Communication management devices


RS485 bus



Industrial exchange

Smart bus box

DC distribution cabinet

Metering device



Smart bus box

DC distribution cabinet

Metering device



Central data network

Data station 1 

Data station 2

The System Features

◆ Hardware products standardization, simple structure, easy implementation of the project

◆ with configuration development function, convenient for engineers to carry out function secondary development

◆ support a variety of standard power communication protocol, industrial automation communication protocol, convenient and flexible with the third party system for efficient data interaction

◆ powerful screen configuration and friendly human-machine interface

◆ strong system compatibility, support multi-equipment access of large power stations

◆ open data interface, flexible extension, and flexible architecture

The Basic Functions of System


◆ photovoltaic power station operation real-time monitoring

◆ fault alarm function

◆ a variety of data visualization display

◆ complete report function

◆Overview of the operation of key equipment of photovoltaic power station

◆ relay protection background monitoring

◆Video monitoring function

◆ operation log, event record

◆ power remote operation dispatching

◆ support third party data interaction

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