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Global Summit on Smart Energy Solutions Held in Wenzhou

10th September, 2019


The Global Summit on Market Innovation and Development, hosted by CHINT, China’s leading smart energy solution provider, held in Wenzhou from 10-11 September, focused on “Global Energy, Smart Interconnection”. The event aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector while providing a platform for the demonstration of new and innovative products.
The event attracted scholars from academic institutions, industry experts and leading players from over 140 countries and regions, as well as CHINT's business partners across the globe. Participants gathered to discuss and share expertise on industry trends and critical issues.



Based on CHINT’s "One Cloud and EIoT & IIoT Strategy", intelligent energy and power solutions were launched at the forum. The solutions include key products of high-voltage switchgear, cable and wire, LV switchgear, MV switchgear, CT, PT, CVT, busway and capacitor, which are mainly used in data center, PV system, wind power, mining & metallurgy, railway & metro rail, smart grid sectors.

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