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Egypt Delegation Came and Visited Chitic


At 5th, July. Chitic received a delegation from Egypt, who are mainly worked in Egypt's ministry of water resources, water treatment engineering companies and consulting companies. 

Egypt clients firstly visited the Chitic exhibition hall for industrial automation products and solutions. Mr. Jack warmly welcomed the clients and present the introduction and strengths of


Chitic, and especially for the water solutions for various applications like waste water treatment, clean water supply from origin to final users, and water booster systems. Mr Jack stressed that Chitic is able to provide the water integration system with it's core products distributed control system PCS1800 and other instruments.


When Mr Jack introduced the products to Egypt delegation members, they raised some interesting questions and had some discussions. There were some bursts of laughter echoed in the hall, and Egypt clients expressed that they were very interested in Chitic products.

After that, all the Egypt clients were invited to a conference room had some tea. Huang Yongzhong, the general manager of Chitic, presented the history of Chitic, Company size, business system and finally stressed about the Chint automation. Mr Jiangtao, the manager of the Chint Egypt Factory, translated all the words from the Huang Yongzhong, and


answered some questions from Egypt delegations. And Kamal, the official from the Egypt's ministry of water resources that they would participated in some projects of building New Cairo, and would soon executed a large water plant in Jan, 2020, expressed the hope working with Chitic. 


Finally, all the Egypt delegation members and Chint staffs takes an photo on the front of the Chint building. Thanks to all the Egypt delegations came and visited Chitic, hope we are able to build long-term business relationship in the future.

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