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Chitic Partners Meeting 2019


Gather wisdom, wisdom to win the future!

On the morning of April 12, the second "Chitic cooperation partnership conference" was held in Shengtai new century mingdu hotel, hangzhou economic and technological development zone. One year later, more than 100 integrators, agents, project managers and other partners from all over the country gathered again to explore the industrial development ideas under the background of industrial transformation and upgrading, intelligent manufacturing and smart economy.

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Vice President and chairman of Chint Corporation - Chen Guoliang

Chen Guoliang, vice President and chairman of Chint Corporation, delivered a speech, expressing warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the partners who came to the meeting. He Shared the Chint group the development status of industrial upgrading, and said that Chint group through integration of strategic resources in recent years, continuously enhance competitiveness, has formed "smart appliances", "green energy", "smart home", "industrial automation" and "innovation incubation platform" plate "4 + 1" the core of development, deepen the around 2025 "a cloud, and the two net" wisdom energy management strategies. He stressed that

under the guidance of the general program of "one cloud and two networks", Chint group will gather resources and make every effort to promote the innovative development of industrial automation industry. He called on all partners to offer Suggestions and win-win cooperation for the high-quality development of industrial automation industry and the co-construction of Chint automation industry group.

Huang Yongzhong, general manager of Chitic, present the annual report on the development of Chint automation industry. The report reviewed the history of the first partner conference last year, Shared the establishment of "Chint automation" brand, and introduced the coordinated development of Chint automation industry. He said that in the future, he will take "one cloud and two networks" as the strategic goal, "Chitic automation as the center, Chitic and Xinhua business as the basic point", uphold the concept of "customer-centric reform process, striver-based achievement of dreams", and build an automation information ecosystem with partners.

General manager of Chitic - Huang Yongzhong
Chitic Outstanding Partnes

Chitic has sustained and healthy development over the years, benefiting from the long-term trust and support of partners in various industries. Held in the conference, chint since the "outstanding partner" award ceremony, in 2018 to promote the product performance outstanding unit to honor, to the last meeting of stable cross incentives for partners to cash, at the same time has been understood for many years in the products, to high quality service for the customer of the five projects awarded the engineer's representative "chengtai since the honorary chairman of engineers" title.

It is worth mentioning that at the conference, all the participants witnessed the shock release of two new products from "taihe system -- CTS900 large-scale distributed control system" and "taihu system -- intelligent secondary water supply system".

Committed to the research, development, promotion and application of cutting-edge technologies in process automation, equipment automation, intelligent water supply, intelligent heating, intelligent energy and other fields, Chitic has become a leading provider of intelligent information and functional control solutions in China. In the future, Chitic will continue to promote the "harmony, dedication, team, win-win" corporate culture, innovation, sharing, inclusive mentality, around intelligent control and intelligent management solutions, and partners to work together for a win-win future!

In the afternoon, the partners went to Chitic and participated in BBS of "process industry", "smart water" and "smart energy" to make further industrial exchanges. Directors from Chitic introduced in detail the business aspects of process automation, intelligent heating, intelligent water supply, residential water, intelligent energy and so on, including products and solutions, industry accumulation, product and technology prospect, and case sharing. The guests also visited the automation exhibition hall and had a look at the new products "taihe system -- CTS900 large-scale distributed control system" and "taihu system -- intelligent secondary water supply system" with a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the products.

Partners visit Chitc for new products
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