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Chitic has Got the CMMI5 certification

12th July, 2019

15th July, 2019, Chitic has got the CMMI ml-5 certification of the highest maturity level of the software capability maturity integration model. The certification proved that the software r&d capability and management level of Chitic have reached the highest international standard, and it has the world's top software maturity and software project management ability, which can provide software products integrating new ideas, new technologies and sustainable optimization.

CMMI is divided into five levels, covering 25 process areas.CMMI5 optimization management level is the highest level of CMMI certification system.

CMMI5 certifications - Chtic.png

It represents the most advanced and scientific software engineering management method in the world, and is recognized as a passport for enterprises to enter the international market.

In 2011, Chitic absorbed CMMI system into R&D process management, and passed CMMI Level3 (definition level) certification in August 2012. In order to further optimize and upgrade the research and development management system and continuously promote the development of project management, organizational norms and software standardization, the company initiated the CMMI5 certification and review. After the certification is passed, Chitic will according to the requirements of CMMI5 standard, use IDEAL methodology and statistical analysis tools of CMMI5 to maintain efficient, stable and reliable product output in the process of large-scale product research and development, continuously improve the product competitiveness, and provide the source power for the innovation and development of Chitic.

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