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Check Data for Variables on the Monitoring Screen

During the production process, if we found one of data keep at 0 or a constant value for a long time, we have to check where the problem is. Here are some guidance for troubleshooting:

First, click on the related variable to check the detailed information, as shown in picture 1.1 , for example, the variable in the red box is abnormal, we can see the tag number is TIA_1004,  and the channel is the #01 board and #00 module .  

1.1 Variable Detailed Information

Then, find real-time operating software (red triangle icon) in the lower right corner of the computer , as shown in picture 2.1, double-click the icon to open .

2.1 Operating software Icon

After entering the real-time operating software , please locate the abnormal tag number TIA_1004 , on #01 board and #00 module , as shown in figure 3.1. If the variable display is 0 as well , then you have to go to the hardware configuration software to check whether the current value of the channel is normal.

3.1 Real-time Operating Software

Open the hardware configuration software on the project management window, as shown in figure 4. 1, click on the blue button pointed in red box.

4.1 The hardware configuration software

Then we can find template 04 in the IO template and 0 # module in template 04 , as shown in Figure 5.1 . The red box is the variable we are looking for .

⑴If the current value of the module is 4.000 at this time, it means that the 4-20mA signal is abnormal. You need to use a multimeter to measure whether the signal line 4-20mA is normal. If you use a multimeter to measure that the signal is not in the range of 4-20mA, the reason is that the signal output on the device is abnormal, you need to check the device; if the signal is in the range of 4-20mA, you can initially determine that the channel is abnormal, you can try Change the signal to the backup channel, change the backup channel and download it according to the modified variables and download operation instructions .

⑵ If the current value of the module 4-20mA within the normal range, then the terminal equipment, the terminal module has been properly, because the program may be downloaded does not lead to normal, re-downloading is normal to observe a display, downloading may Operate according to the download instructions.

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